Help Us, Help Hearts...

It has taken some time to get here but FINALLY!!!  We are able to announce our Help Us, Help Hearts Charity Event.  After a couple of months planning, meeting with the Clinic and getting this website complete, we are ready and so excited to raise money for the little heroes at The Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital waiting for their transplants.  Something you should know about these heart kiddos; they actually have more heart than anyone you will ever meet :)  Innocent kids that are braver than they should have to be but still manage to smile.  We should all take a cue from these courageous kids!  Their parents have a different struggle.  One where the worries as a parent take their toll but they put on a brave face for their child.  We have been so privileged to get to know some of them and can tell you they are also the inspiration behind what we are doing because we have been where they are and know the worry, fear and desperation all too well.

There is so much hope at The Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.  Caring Physicians and staff that are dedicated to saving lives.  Dedicated to fixing or replacing hearts, giving the pediatric patients of Cleveland Children's a chance at life, these kids have so much to offer this world!   People have asked Tony and I why we are doing this, because our daughter died.  At the end of the day we know that Cleveland Children's did all they could to save our daughter.  We were inspired by them and what they do for families and other patients.  They recognized that Sophie was a champion, a fighter, a little girl - OUR little girl and gave us respect and dignity when it was time to say goodbye.  They fought for her.  It makes my heart swell with pride that we were led to do this for Cleveland Children's because of our beautiful baby girl, Sophie.  As hard as it is to live each day without her, I know that her life is making a difference for so many kids, so many families like ours.  As her parents we will make sure that Sophie leaves her mark on this world in a way that can truly impact heart patients and their families.  We plan to raise awareness and to make sure these little heroes are heard.  Thank you so much for being a part of what we are doing!  We hope to see you on June 2nd!

Details for our upcoming event can be found here.