Welcome to In Your Shoes!

We are so excited to launch this site!  It has been many hours of hard work, visions for what we wanted to do (and yes even some arguments because at times we didn't agree) but we are here and are so excited to share Sophie's life and her charity with everyone. 

I can't believe it has been almost 2 years since we lost our precious daughter. Some days it seems like it was just yesterday and others it seems like it has been an eternity.  I'm finding out this is pretty normal.  In the past two years we have been through such extremes emotionally and physically and we are realizing that there is no way our lives will ever be the same and quite frankly I don't think we would ever want our old lives back.  Our daughter was a miracle, a tiny 7lb, bull headed beauty who never allowed us to call any shots.  She spoke more to us in the days she lived than many speak in a lifetime.  I am so glad that Tony and I listened.  As cruel as we thought God was for taking her from her mother and father we have to cling to the fact that we were blessed with her for a reason.  So here we are, we believe this is it.  We are helping Sophie's life live on, our incredible little blessing has already had such an impact on others.  We are so proud that she was ours.

Thank you to everyone who has been here with us on this roller coaster ride, to those that have stuck by us as we ride the wave of grief and learn to live without our child.  We have good days; we smile, we laugh, we have fun with friends and as a family.  We have bad days too, even now.  Some days it seems she is all that is on our mind.  I wonder a lot what it would be like to have her here, almost 2 years old.  Her first word, her laugh, her admiration for her brother and sister...I miss that, I miss the thought of it. 

We welcome you to In Your Shoes, The Sophia Capo Memorial Foundation!  This is our "new normal" thanks for coming along and supporting our cause.


The Capo's